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It’s time again for a zombie game. In the case of Pokemon Go, however, this is  a survival game in which the focus is on survival and community building.

The Zombie Search has paralyzed humanity. There are more undead on the planet than anything else, there are hardly any resources left. The adventure begins in one of three areas to choose from after the prologue to the game.

A base is found quickly in this game. Much more challenging is its long-term management. After all, food, medicine and building materials do not fall from the sky. The resources are scattered in the game world, in the trunk of vehicles or inside buildings. If you want more of them then start using the Pokemon Go hack gps, many players have already done that.

The construction of the base is the real fight, almost a question of conscience. Do I build more beds to improve morale or a hospital ward to treat injuries? A not unimportant factor is also the construction time of the buildings. New facilities are usually created in a few minutes, larger systems need 20 minutes in real time and longer. Like on a construction site, noise is created, which draws attention to the base. The danger of an attack increases, accordingly my survivors must be prepared.

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The game always follows the same pattern: collecting resources, flattening zombies and bringing the materials to the base. The more facilities and residents in the settlement, the more resources are needed. As a result, the search for it takes ever longer and is accordingly more challenging – at some point, the environment is grazed and you have to take further paths in purchasing.

Remote areas can be reached faster by car than by foot. A vehicle does not run without fuel and gasoline is a rare commodity in Pokemon Go cheats. Without enough fuel, the road trip quickly becomes a death trap. This and the exploration of the unsafe areas make up the biggest attraction in the game. Any plundering of a building could secure the survival of my enclave or end it. However, what the game lacks are concrete hints or story tipps of the people who lived there before the Apocalypse. So the rundown facilities remain useless.

My base is thriving, the camp is full and my characters are in a good mood. On the next trip through the world but everything goes wrong: in no time three survivors have died, the medicine is all and the food is scarce. The mood is bad. There are several ways to improve the mood of your own community. Here comes next to the search for new resources of the targeted fight against zombie plague into play. If you use a Pokemon Go hack ios you will probably have a better time.

There are foci of infection around the base, where numerous undead romp. Their elimination lifts the mood in your own four walls. But as long as the evil is not fought at the root, that does not do much. The biggest challenge in it are the “plague hearts”. In each of the three areas, there are at least five of them and each destroyed center strengthens the rest. The stronger the heart, the more zombies. Since the own character can still have such good status values, at some point even the best runs out of breath.

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